• Monday, 9 August 2010

    How the style icons of Europe are dressing

    You know us here at Euroballs. We've long been recognised in our field as purveyors of fine fashion, our field populated only by us and a few raggedy scarecrows of course. Anyway, here's our run through of the top designs adorning the torsos of Europe's footballers.

    A surprise pick for our first entry, the Arles away kit. A dusty, almost pastel pink number with a broad, grey stripe down the middle doesn't sounds appealing, but they've pulled it off. Mated with grey shorts and socks of the same shade as that stripe, they blew Sochaux off the park in the style stakes in round of Ligue 1 if not on the scoreboard. Mind, when it comes to zany clobber, Arles have previous.

    Lyon switched from Umbro to adidas for this season and boy oh boy have they gone to town. The home shirt has the traditional stripes at a nice jaunty angle with lion motifs down them, but it's the change strip that really catches the eye. What is the French for avant garde anyway? The third kit looks more like something straight off the back of a Tour de France rider, but is none the worse for that.

    In fact, we'd go so far as to say that Lyon are going to be the most elegant side on the continent this season, but that would be to overlook the fashion capital that is the industrial north of Germany, Hamburg in fact, home of St Pauli. It's their centenary as well as the first time back in the top flight since 2001 and they've gone to town. The change kit is one thing, an elegant white number with old school collar, but it's the alternative that really catches the eye. It's reversible with an interesting copper colour on one side and an intricate design on the reverse featuring scenes from down the years. It's out there, it's ambitious, but it works. Truly a work of art.

    Toulouse don't vary much from the traditional lilac and white stripes, but it's a classic and you don't tinker with it. Airness are a new company to us, but it's no doubt the very height of science with some sort of sweat-be-gone technology. Still stylish though.

    Our final pick comes from the Eredivisie which isn't something you'd expect to hear. After all, it's pretty much a monotone league. Twente: red. AZ, Ajax, Feyenoord, PSV, Utrecht: red and white. However, Utrecht have gone out on a limb with an orange and black change kit. Tasty.

    Supporters of these clubs can be happy they're quite the dandies. The rest of you: well it's either a change of allegiance you need or a strongly-worded e-mail to your club to tell them to buck their ideas up.

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