• Wednesday, 8 December 2010


    Nation whose footballers are preternaturally disposed to attacking and sod the consequences. Full-backs and centre-backs are often to be found as the most advanced players on the field while goalkeepers tend to be onlookers at best, flap merchants at worst.
    Five-time World Cup winners, generally the most loved side in the world and yet Lucas, who is clearly an impostor, still gets a game for them.


    Players specifically deployed to stop the opposition getting shots in on goal.
    In Brazil, defenders are generally to be found further up the pitch than attackers as nobody in Brazil wants to defend. If a lad comes home from school and says "Dad, I want to be a defender", the response is generally along the lines of "I have no son".

    Sunday, 5 December 2010

    Premier League

    Self-proclaimed best league in the world and if you keep telling yourself that, you'll start to believe it too.

    Wednesday, 1 December 2010