• Wednesday, 5 October 2011

    Football: "I'm tired of Ibrahimovic"

    Football has hinted that it's getting bored of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and is already looking forward to the day he retires.
    Ibrahimovic, who turned 30 on Monday, has annoyed the world of football with his egotistical rantings, show pony on-field behaviour, rubbish ponytail and the fact that despite this, he's won eight straight league titles in three different countries.
    "Ibrahimovic is no longer burning inside me like back in the day", football told assembled hacks. "Sometimes, I thought of little else. Now it's not like that; I'm interested in other things.
    Today, his antics and self-publicising have become routine and while I still hope he'll do something incredible, he's just not the same player he was when he was younger".

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