• Thursday, 12 April 2012

    Top 10: Jobs more suitable for Nicolas Anelka than football manager

    Nicolas Anelka is now player-coach of Shanghai Shenua. Yes, really. No, I promise you I'm not. He really has. It says it in respectable newspapers and everything. It's hardly your obvious choice of role for the lad given his past history of being Nicolas Anelka.
    It could be worse though and here are ten jobs he'd be less suitable for:

    10. Navy SEAL.

    9. Victim support liaison officer.

    8. Stand-up comedian.

    7. Children's entertainer.

    6. Finance advisor for the Citizens Advice Bureau.

    5. Tourism officer for the city of Madrid. Or Paris. Or London, Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton, Istanbul...

    4. France's Ambassador to... well, anywhere really.

    3. Motivational speaker.

    2. ACAS mediator.

    1. Careers advisor (for anyone other than his brothers)

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