• Thursday, 4 May 2017

    EFL to fine Blackburn for understrength manager

    The EFL today requested a response from Blackburn as to why they employed an understrength manager for the first 37 matches of the league season.

    The league body - still revelling in a rebrand that can only be described as going spectacularly well - has decided to start involving itself in the day-to-day running of it's member clubs and has shone a light on Blackburn's miserable form all year, questioning the employment of Owen Coyle and the questions raising regards the integrity of the competition.

    "While we recognise the right of clubs to employ who they will", a statement from the League read, "to hire a manager so laughably inept as Coyle and to perform the first three-quarters of the season under self-imposed stunt conditions challenges the integrity of the competition. We will be asking Blackburn to explain their actions with an eye on a possible fine".

    Also under scrutiny are Nottingham Forest for selling their only decent players in January and the playing of an understrength side ever since.

    Neither club responded to Euroballs' request for comment.

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