• Wednesday, 15 August 2012

    Jargon-busting - The false phenomenon

    The growth of tactical blogs and in-depth dissections of the game - see Zonal Marking or the collected works of Jonathan Wilson for example - can leave many confused. So if you've ever wondered what a 'false nine' is, wonder no more as we take on some of the terminology used and break it down for you to enjoy this new wave of intellectualised analysis.

    False 9
    Taking the '9' as the old-fashioned centre-forward, the false nine initially sets up like that, but actually plays more withdrawn in the role that an old-fashioned number ten may once have done.

    False 10
    A forward who sets up like an old-fashioned, playmaking number 10, but actually plays like a modern number nine. So instead of saying 'false ten', you mean 'centre-forward'.

    False 2
    Right-back who can't defend.

    False 3
    Left-back who is really a right-back forced into that role out of expediency.

    False 1
    Goalkeeper who isn't very good and thinks he can actually play with the ball at his feet. Like Victor Valdés.

    False 18
    The alleged dates of certain members of the French national team. Alleged. Allegedly. Possibly/possibly not.

    False 52
    Nicklas Bendtner

    False premise
    The basing of all positional responsibilities on the notion that the number on the back of someone's shirt has ever meant anything.

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