• Thursday, 18 October 2012

    Green issues come-and-sack-me plea

    BBC Radio 5Live commentator Alan Green yesterday issued a sensational 'come-and-sack-me' plea while on air during England's rearranged World Cup qualifier in Warsaw.

    While his sneering contempt for the performance England put on was neither new nor surprising, his more general contempt for his job, his audience and for the Poland team, as evidenced by his lack of basic research, clearly signalled something bigger was happening.

    Media analysts picked up on the key moment where Green's long-obvious hatred for the game of football crossed over into a desperate cry for help for someone to get him out of there. "It was a seemingly innocuous passage of play where Eugen Polanski trotted across to retrieve a ball after it went out of play", professor of journalism Geoff Third-Personsingular told us, "when Green said 'Roman Polanski or whatever your name is'. It was quite clear then that he'd given it up and was seeking a way out of the hell he finds himself in, th ehell that is being well paid to go and commentate on high-profile football matches like lots of other people would like to do, can do and would put a fucking sight more effort into doing given the opportunity".

    The BBC refused to comment when we contacted them.

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