• Friday, 5 October 2012

    Lying scrotebags found to be lying scrotebags by FA panel

    The FA today released the full written verdict into the case of a lying scrotebag which revealed that the lying scrotebag and his lying scrotebag friend were both lying scrotebags.

    In defending himself of charges of being a lying scrotebag, the lying scrotebag was found to have provided evidence that was deemed "implausible, improbable and contrived" and led to the finding that he is the lying scrotebag everyone already thought he was anyway. In addition, the lying scrotebag that gave a character witness for the lying scrotebag "evolved his evidence" over time to support the lying scrotebag and was therefore deemed to be an unreliable, lying scrotebag.

    The lying scrotebag has four weeks to lodge an appeal.

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