• Friday, 23 November 2012

    Cut-out-and-keep article for top-flight managerial changes

    A multi-millionaire owner of a football club today fired the millionaire manager he'd put in charge of the squad of millionaire players.

    The multi-millionaire said that results achived by the millionaire in charge of the millionaires had not been good enough and that change was necessary. "Results have not been good enough", said the multi-millionaire in a statement issued by an office intern, "and change is necessary".

    The millionaire had been in charge of the squad of millionaires for a period of time, during which he guided the millionaires to some wins, but not quite as many as the ego of the multi-millionaire deemed satisfactory. Neither was the number of trophies won acceptable.

    The multi-millionaire will now appoint another millionaire who will add some other millionaires to the squad of millionaires at the club while allowing others to move on. "I look forward to working with the new millionaire", continued the multi-millionaire's statement, "as we look to take this club to the next level or other such platitude".

    The multi-millionaire thanks the previous millionaire for his hard work, but will lack the self-awareness to accept that it was his appointment in the first place and that this constant cycle only has one common component.

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