• Friday, 19 December 2014

    Balotelli fined and banned for Lad Bible retweet

    Mario Balotelli will sit out this weekend's game between Liverpool and Arsenal after being found guilty of retweeting something unfunny and racist by the unfunny and racist Lad Bible twitter account.

    A disciplinary panel found that Balotelli, a £16m arrival at Liverpool in the summer, wilfully exposed the public to a Lad Bible tweet despite that account being known for joke theft, sexism, racism, anti-Semitism and just being plain not funny.

    "Footballers are role models in modern society", a spokesman for the FA told reporters after the tribunal, "and as such cannot be seen to be endorsing shit Twitter accounts like the Lad Bible. These things aren't funny, espouse outdated theories on the worth of selected groups of people and should not be propagated to impressionable young people who might take an RT as an endorsement of those views. The ban and the level of fine [Balotelli was also fined £25,000] is an indication of how serious we take these matters".

    Similar sanctions are expected to be imposed for anyone retweeting stuff from the equally execrable BBC Sporf.

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