• Wednesday, 7 January 2015

    Oldham sign chant from Millwall

    Oldham Atheltic today announced the capture of the "no-one likes us, we don't care" chant from Millwall in a deal funded by the PFA and Ched Evans's prospective father in-law.

    The deal was brokered after the deal to bring a man still under license for a crime he doesn't think is a crime which has seen the formerly uncontroversial club turn into an institution of national opprobrium.

    With a potential FA Cup tie coming up against Chelsea, Millwall were thought to be reluctant to let the chant go cheaply, but as sponsors line up to abandon the Latics, the PFA and Evans's extended family bravely stepped into the breach to fund the move. "We wanted the chant to stay", a Millwall spokesman told us, "but the offer from Oldham was too good to ignore and the chant wanted to move on after being with us for so many years. We wish the chant every success in the future".

    Oldham officials hailed the transfer as coup for the club. "We've managed to make such utter cocks of ourselves, we felt we needed a suitable chant to express prevailing public opinion. The Millwall chant was the one we wanted from the outset and we're delighted to have it on board".

    Critics have suggested that the club do care and are protesting too much, being in full knowledge of why people are exercised about this.

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