• Monday, 16 January 2012

    Vague Round-up #2

    All you need to know about last weekend's action around Europe, vaguely...

    The headlines:

    • Red team lose to blue team who go six-in-a-row while handing title boost to black-and-white team in the boot-shaped country.
    • Oil-rich northerners and surprise package southerners pull clear on the Hexagon.
    • Big two Iberians extend their lead, stripey Basques make a push for Europe.
    • Differing fortunes for two capital sides on the island. Two wins in a row for a blue one mean their crisis is over, passing the crisis baton to red neighbours who have lost two in a row. Interlopers from small Principality prove capable at passing the ball around in pretty triangles.
    • Purple side from sprout capital of Europe pull out big gap at the top of their league, but with a stupid and over-complicated play-off system, it doesn’t mean a great deal.
    • Everyone with African (except Cameroonian/Nigerian/South African/Egyptian) players prepare ready-made excuses for poor showing.
    • Holidays winding down for Germanic nations. Back to work next weekend.

    You are now informed. More next week.

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