• Tuesday, 10 January 2012

    Vague Round Up

    A surprising start to the year in Italy where there were lots of goals scored as the new year maybe bought a new attitude. The top three were all winners, two by big margins while the third had to settle for a single goal away win. The biggest losers of the day were were thumped away from home by a side near the foot of the table. Big transfer news also sees a player moving from one club to another for a significant sum of money.

    A split round in an Iberian country saw half the games on one day of the weekend with the rest on the other. The league leaders were big winner while there nearest rivals were held in a tense derby. A foreign player was subjected to animal chants but the president just brushed the accusation aside. Draws were the common denominator this week with 60% of the games ending this way with the Italian 0-0 theme occurring in 50% of those.

    In another Iberian country the players returned from their Christmas break and the second half of the season opened with  a comfortable win for the league leaders. The next two teams met and no goals were scored. The thing about this Iberian league this weekend is only one of the games ended in stalemate with the goals flying in.

    There was a break from the league in another country as the cup took over and there were plenty of shocks as well. An Englishman abroad got a hat-trick in his sides big win. The big tie of the round went all the way to penalties where the away side emerged victorious. The big guns all had a safe enough passage into the last 32. More woe for the team from the Principality – their new Russian sugar daddy has a real job on his hands. Meanwhile, an ex-playing poet has turned his collar up and set his sights on the Presidency

    Cup competitions were a plenty on the Island as well. The derby match was surrounded by controversy while only one top flight team were defeated by lower league opposition. More problems with alleged racism during one game while the top two in the other cup competition both progressed easily as well. North of the capital’s river, the wanderer returned and if they hadn’t already built a statue of him, they’d be starting right now.

    The other leagues are still enjoying their winter break at the moment so all the players will be on the beach in a Middle East location laughing at those running about in foolish temperatures.

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