• Thursday, 5 January 2012

    Steve McClaren returns to FC Twente

    The return today of Steve McClaren to the happiest of his former hunting grounds is the sort of thing you'd probably be expecting us to cover, perhaps even to take the piss.
    Well we won't be taking the piss. We think it's a great move all round and hope that McClaren repeats the levels of success he enjoyed in his first stint at FC Twente. He's back at a well-run club with a talented and young group of players and good luck to the man.

    As for covering it, we did over at the exemplary, award-winning Inbedwithmaradona.com. At the time of writing, Co Adriaanse was still in the job - he wasn't for much longer - and the rumours of McClaren's return were just that - rumours. We had a look at what lies in wait on the Yorkshireman's return to Holland.

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