• Monday, 10 August 2015

    48% of fantasy teams binned off after week one

    Organisers of fantasy football league competitions are reporting record number of teams being binned off after the opening weekend of the Premier League, with some sites reporting levels of up to 48% of teams abandoned within moments of the final whistle at the 3pm Saturday games.

    Many abandonments came on the 52-minute mark with the dismissal of Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois proving a bridge too far for a significant number of players. On Sunday, Arsenal's loss to West Ham prompted another mass exit while semi-knowing players who reckoned Southampton couldn't possibly concede at Newcastle saw thousands more jump ship.

    "It's been a record weekend for players jacking it in", a spokesman for the official Premier League game told us, "and if West Brom do Man City over tonight, we might end up with just the 2.6% of players that picked Rickie Lambert left in the game. Frankly, we're worried".

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